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We accept Debit/Credit Cards
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Smith's Poodles is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in Little Rock, AR
The Poodle, 1600s painting of the traditional poodle

The Poodle, 1600s painting of the traditional poodle

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Standard Poodles & Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale
Professional Standard Poodle Breeders are the safest way to get a Poodle. Quality Standard Poodles have been our specialty for years. We are dedicated to breeding high quality AKC Standard Poodles. Our breeding goals include: health, intelligence, temperament, conformation, uniformity and beauty. Our state of the ard breeding facility is located in a nice secluded wooded area about 15 minutes from Little Rock, Arkansas airport where Smith Poodles have plenty of room for exercise, and ample time for socializing with each other .

Breeders of AKC Standard Poodles
Every Smith  Standard Poodle comes with a two-year guarantee. All our pups are birthed from quality, health certified Standard Poodle mothers and fathers. We strategically breed our dogs to enhance genetic strengths and subvert undesirable traits incuding health problems within the breed.  Our puppies come to you well socialize and absolutely doggie door trained. Our Standard Poodles have now found homes in every state in the US, and in fifteen different countries.

Standard Poodles for Sale - Solid Colors, Parti & Phantom
We are producing Parti Standard Poodles, Phantom Standard Poodles, Brindle Standard Poodles and Standard Poodles of most all the solid colors. Let us know if we can help you with your Poodle pondering, or with any questions you may have about our Standard Poodles. We have many years of  breeding experience, and the willingness to share. Email, (call us between  8 AM and 10 PM CST). Schedule a visit today!  

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Standard Poodle
Traditionally the Standard Poodle, the largest of the subtypes, was a retriever or gun dog, used in particular for duck hunting and sometimes upland bird hunting. The modern Standard Poodle retains many of the traits prized by their original owners: a keen working intelligence that makes the dog easy to command, webbed feet that make it an agile swimmer (all of the poodle's ancestors and descendants had or share the love of water) athletic stamina, and a moisture-resistant, curly coat that acts like a wool jumper in damp conditions. Towards the second half of the nineteenth century their use in hunting declined in favor of their use in circuses and status symbols of the wealthy, so that by the 20th century they were only found as companions or circus dogs.








The breed has been used for  hunting in the USA and Canada since the early 1990
However, in the past 20 years, some standard poodle breeders in the United States and Canada have been selecting dogs with drive for birds in order to revive the breed for hunting, with some great success. The Canadian Kennel Club admitted the Standard Poodle for hunting trials in 1996 and the American Kennel Club in 1998, respectively. As of July 2014, the end results of 20 years of breeding to reawaken the hunting instinct have been dogs that are very eager to please their masters, extreme intelligence that requites special training (-their extreme intelligence is second only to the British Border Collie and thus requires the gunman to be quite specific as to what he wants, unlike most other spaniels and retrievers-) and a dog that has lightning quick reflexes, sprinting hard on command after the downed bird. Standard Poodles have been winning titles against the more widely used native breeds like the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Thus far 13 Standard Poodles have won Master Hunt titles (12 in the United States, 1 in Canada) and several more have won senior and junior titles on both sides of the border. Currently only the United Kennel Club in the US recognizes the Standard Poodle as a Sporting dog, thus in spite of this subtype of poodle being ineligible for field competitions more and more are appearing in the field as waterfowl dogs and hunters of pheasant, the latter especially in the Midwest.
The Standard Poodles have become more and more popular and therefore Standard Poodle Breeders have emerged to provide the ever-growing demand for them as household pets as well as many other uses such as utility, tracking, hunting, therapy and service dogs. For many years in the United States, Standard Poodle Breeders bred for all solid colored standard poodles although since their foundation their colors genetically were multi-colored as well as solid colored. Standard poodle breeders have always had the multi-colors crop out in their litters. The increasing popularity of the multi-colors today are called: Phantom Standard Poodles, Brindle Standard Poodles, Sable Standard Poodles, Parti Standard Poodles and in Parti colors there is the Tuxedo Parti markings which is a full blanket back from the withers to the tail with a large white chest. Phantom Standard Poodles are two-tone in color of any two colors with the lighter of the two colors evident as markings over the eyebrows, on the face, across the chest on all four lower legs and under the ears and tail. Brindle Standard Poodles come in two colors having both colors mixed together (brindled) throughout the entire coat. Sable Standard Poodles are all one color except for having their ears and tails accented with a different color. The popular Standard Poodle colors are: Black, Chocolate, Red, Apricot, Cream, Silver and White. Here at Smith Poodles, we are an Exclusive Standard Poodle Breeder producing all of these colors. We have been breeding for more than twenty years and come from a family with a long history of breeding dogs with great passion and determination to further develop the quality of the breed.

1600s painting of the traditional poodle

Poodle retrieves mallard.

     O ur Standard Poodles are socialized                       with children too!

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